Blue Ephemera


This unique mixed media collage is made with a immense number and variety of ephemera.  You could look at this piece a million times and still find something new. It has been created by grabbing all sorts of bits and bobs we keep on hand and filling the composition in a pleasing way with motion that has the viewer looking closer & closer. We then cover the items with gesso and finally, use alcohol ink layer upon layer to created the depth of variation you see in the finished product. We spray three coats of archival varnish to the piece. The piece measures 10″ x 20″ and is built on a stretched canvas gesso-ed canvas.

All BrownEyedAmusings mixed media collage originals are finished with archival fixative and two coats of archival gloss varnish. Mixed media collages are made with a variety of mediums including: paint, used may include paint, oil pastels, modeling paste, stencils alcohol inks, art papers, ink stamps, and more!

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Dimensions 10 × 20 in